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Shenzhen Lingchuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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National Service Phone: 400-999-0180

Company Address: Building A, Jinshunlai Industrial Zone, Pingdi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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Shenzhen Linchuang Automated Technology co., LTD. is the company focuse on the r&d, design and manufacture of automatic garment folding and packaging machine for about 10 years . In 2009, our company produced the first automatic garment packaging machine in China, became the pioneer And leader of this in China.
        We have more than 40 national patents for our garment packaging machine, and we are committed to provid an advanced technology and excellent quality of the packaging equipment to our customers. We have got advanced technology and senior R&D team which have accumulated rich experience. Develop new products according to customer's different requirements.
        We have a strong and professional after-sales service team, to provide technical support and after-sales service for customers.
        We will spare no effort to master the automatic packaging technology and combine with the automatic system, to create the classic garment automatic packaging system continuously , finally achieve unmanned, to liberate labours from heavy packaging production line, use machine instead of handwork, at the same Time, reduce garment factory's labour cost and improve production efficiency.



Lingchuang Automatic Garment Folding and Packaging Machine, are research and develop for the garment manufactures those require fold and pack vast clothes rapidly and efficiently.
You just need one worker at front end to lay the garments, our machine will fold and pack them into polybags automatically, so achieve a high-efficiency packing process.
        Average efficiency: Our machine can finish packing 8-10 pcs per minute, 450-600 pcs per hour, so can save lots labour cost and time-cost, can improve factory's intelligentized and automated production. Such good fo machines suitable for various garment manufactures .
        Introduce advanced technology, rational construction, simplicity on operator .
        High Efficient Operation, Stable performance.
        Detect garment length utomatically ,Folding in uniform size
        Save lots of manpower for the enterprise,enhance productivity.
Product parameters:


01. We concentrate on garment packaging machine for 10 years, is the leader and the most professional munufactory in China.

02. We have more than 40 national patents for our packaging machine.

03. Because of the concentration, we know more about garment factroy's requirement.

04. The choice of most brand in China


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