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The development direction of garment folding packaging machine

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The development direction of garment folding packaging machine

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With the continuous advancement and development of science and technology, the automation degree of automated packaging equipment is also getting higher and higher. Modularization, innovation, high speed, low energy consumption and environmental protection development have also become the consensus of domestic and foreign packaging machine enterprises. However, China's garment folding packaging machine industry started late, and there is still a big gap with similar foreign products. Therefore, China's garment folding packaging machine enterprises must work hard to catch up.


Then, from what aspects should China's garment folding packaging machine enterprises make breakthroughs?

1. Improve the versatility of the garment folding and packaging machine, enabling the device to package a variety of products;

2. Improve the level of automation, improve the efficiency of equipment operation, control multiple servo motors with pre-stored programs, and drive the relevant actuators separately;

3. The adjustment and setting of equipment parameters are simple and quick, mainly focusing on adjusting the parameter control of modules such as forming, drawing, sealing and cutting, so as to meet the different types of garment folding packaging machines.

4. The main modules are diverse and flexible. The main components are related to the independent and freely combined structural design to meet different garment folding packaging machines.

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