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What are the seven elements of a fully automatic packaging machine?

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What are the seven elements of a fully automatic packaging machine?

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The automatic packaging machine belongs to the category of automatic machine. It has a wide variety and complicated structure. New automatic packaging equipment is constantly emerging, and it is difficult to classify their components. But by analyzing the working principle and structural performance of a large number of automated packaging equipment, you can find Out of the commonality of its composition. That is to say, the automatic packaging machine is composed of seven parts, which is also called the seven elements of the automatic packaging equipment. Below is the automatic packaging machine manufacturer to explain what these seven elements are:

1. Finishing and feeding system of packaging materials.

The system is a system for cutting and sorting packaging materials (including flexible, semi-rigid, rigid packaging materials and packaging containers and auxiliary materials), and transporting them one by one to a predetermined station, such as a packaging bag in an automatic packaging machine. Feeding and cutting mechanism. Some systems can also complete the erection, shaping, positioning and other work of bag making or packaging containers during the feeding process; some sealing machine feeding systems can also complete the orientation, supply and other work of the can lid.


  2. The metering and delivery system of the packaged items.

The system is a system for metering, sorting, arranging, and transporting the packaged items to a predetermined station. Some can also complete the shaping and segmentation of the packaged items. Such as the filling and liquid feeding system of the beverage filling machine; the biscuit sorting, arranging and feeding system of the biscuit packaging machine.

3. The main delivery system. The system is to wrap the packaging material and be packaged.

The item is transferred from one packaging station to the next in the packaging station. The single station packaging machine does not have a conveyor system.

The entire packaging process is often dispersed into several stations on the packaging machine to be coordinated, so there must be a special mechanism to transport the packaging materials and the packaged articles until the products are exported. The form of the main transport mechanism generally determines the form of the packaging machine and affects its shape.

  4. Packaging actuators.

The packaging actuator is the mechanism that directly completes the packaging operation, that is, the mechanism for completing the operations of wrapping, filling, sealing, labeling, and bundling.

5. Finished product output mechanism.

The finished product output mechanism is a mechanism that removes, orients and outputs the packaged product from the packaging machine. The finished product output of some packaging machines is either completed by the main conveyor or by the weight of the packaged product.

6. Power machine and transmission system.

The power machine is the driving force of mechanical work. In modern industrial production, it is usually an electric motor. In some cases, a motor or other power machine is also used.

The transmission system refers to a device that transmits the power and motion of the power machine to the actuator and control system to achieve a predetermined action. It is usually composed of transmission parts, such as pulleys, gears, sprockets, cams, worm gears, etc., or consists of various forms of transmissions such as machine, electricity, liquid, and gas

7. Control system.

The control system consists of various manual and automatic devices.

The above is the seven elements of the automatic packaging machine that the manufacturer of the automatic packaging machine explained for everyone. Anyone who wants to ask can consult online or make a call.

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