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How should garment automatic packaging machinery face the problem of rising raw material prices?

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How should garment automatic packaging machinery face the problem of rising raw material prices?

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How should garment automatic packaging machinery face the problem of rising raw material prices? The increase in raw material prices and various expenses has become a common topic in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. With the further implementation of the Labor Law and other laws, the reform of the employment system, the rising labor costs, and the tightening of the monetary policy have affected the increasing economic factors of enterprises. For packaging machinery manufacturers and paper products companies with low profit margins, the company faces many difficulties and needs to be solved. Multiple pressures make corporate profits thinner and thinner, how should the corporate path go? The author conducted an investigation around this issue.

First, the garment automatic packaging machine enterprises are not suitable for the changes in the situation, and the main contradictions and problems exist.

The enterprise manager of the garment automatic packaging machine should clearly understand, accurately grasp the problems and deficiencies in the work, keep a clear head, and clarify the direction of efforts. At present, the main problems and prominent contradictions of packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises: First, there are three unsuitable for some enterprises. That is: the ideological concept is not compatible with the development of the situation; the status quo of the talent team and the development of the enterprise are not compatible with the urgent needs of the people; the understanding and use of the people are not compatible with the laws of the market economy.

Second, the ability of technological innovation is weak, the progress of process technology is slow, and the development of new products has not fundamentally got rid of the situation of imitation research and tracking.

Third, the economic growth mode is extensive, the product profitability is low, and the competitiveness is not strong. Economic growth and efficiency improvement are still mainly driven by scale. There is still a certain gap between energy consumption and labor resources consumption and advanced level.

Fourth, market awareness, competition awareness, and awareness of urgency are not strong. The service market, the awareness of serving customers, and the sense of urgency and responsibility for development are not strong. The reason why human resources can't keep up with the demand for high-level and high-speed development of production, the reason for the shortage of talents in enterprises is that the development speed is too slow.

5. Management is extensive and refined management has not yet been achieved.

Sixth, the managers of some garment automatic packaging machine enterprises do not rely on scientific management for development in the production and management of enterprises. They always have the luck of relying on the policy of drilling to find a temporary survival.

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