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What are the external devices for automatic packaging machines that implement automatic functions?

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What are the external devices for automatic packaging machines that implement automatic functions?

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There are many components in the fully automatic packaging machine program, including end arm operating tools, material handling devices and identification/verification systems. The following is a description of the parts of the automatic packaging machine by the manufacturer of the automatic packaging machine:

1. A robot is a tool that moves another position from this position with a device attached to its section. The arm end operating tool is the end operator, which can be used to grab products, specify movements, etc. At the time of packaging, the manipulator is generally designed as a vacuum sleeve, clamping jaw or a combination of the two. The structural scheme can be from a single to a series of arrangement structures and the like.

2. The material conveying device is to let the material transport the product to the required equipment when manufacturing the transmission. When packaging, we must consider the material transportation, and we need to deal with the shape and quality of the product; in addition, we also adjust the speed and direction of transportation. More representative material handling and handling systems include labeling machines, output conveyors, and the like.

  3. The identification and verification system is now a very important part of all packaging systems. Barcodes, radio methods can be used to identify and track products. Use a variety of means to ensure that technology can be used in a variety of applications.

An important step in packaging with a fully automatic packaging machine is to define the process. A good work item is based on the characteristics of the process, and is not based on automated packaging equipment to make the design. What are the issues to consider when making definitions?

1. In terms of product packaging structure, it directly affects the need for automatic operators and moving materials. Orientation is more difficult when making more complex packages. To increase the directional requirements of system complexity, it is necessary to look at the research and analysis before processing. When filling the box, the robotic end operator can grab enough products to fill the entire box at a time. This also allows the robot to move more quickly and allows the product to be continuously transmitted.

  2, to let the automatic packaging machine design mainly depends on the total throughput of product production. The faster the line is, the more the various devices can help the working pressure of the automaker, but the standard automata that follows the package may be less. The speed of the production line will not only affect the automation equipment, but also the inspection and labeling aspects. Be sure to clarify some of the relevant content. It is like whether the part graphics are consistent, the transmission speed is different, and so on, which will affect the form and cost of the visual system. In general, the more the amount to be detected, the faster the operation will be, and the structural scheme will be more complicated.

3, the operation of automatic packaging machine manufacturers must continue to cooperate and exchange between various departments. All departments and personnel must work together as a team.

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