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Maintenance method of garment automatic packaging machine

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Maintenance method of garment automatic packaging machine

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With the rapid development of the industry today, the status of automatic packaging machines is also increasing, and it is widely used in clothing and other enterprises. Let's let you introduce the daily maintenance method of the automatic packaging machine for clothing.

    The automatic packaging machine's toughness and stability are very good, and the shape is simple and generous. The operation and maintenance are simple. Because of the low investment cost of equipment infrastructure engineering, the utilization rate of some factories is also very high. Mainly used to package and accept old waste paper, clothing and so on. Automatic garment packaging machines have played a significant role in improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity and reducing transportation costs. However, in the daily use process, if the maintenance work is not done, it will also lead to the appearance of some faults, affecting the subsequent packaging process and affecting the work efficiency. So what are the maintenance methods for the automatic packaging machine?


. Before starting the machine, check whether the parts of the automatic packaging machine can be in good condition; whether the screws and nuts of the parts can be loosened, if necessary, tighten the screws and nuts, if it is found that there are no nails and less caps, cut Do not use the repair personnel as soon as possible for processing.

2. During the boot process, pay attention to whether there are any abnormal situations, such as: the sound is very loud, the vibration frequency is too large, there is odor, etc. If you find that these should be stopped in time, notify the repair personnel to deal with it, so as to avoid damage to the parts.

3. Check for any blockage of debris in the belt. The blockage of debris will affect the work of the automatic packaging machine. Therefore, the debris needs to be removed.

4, check the garment automatic packaging machine knife group and the skateboard part can lack oil, the oil shortage will cause serious wear and tear on the parts, you must use the trickle to add oil, use a small stick of oyster sauce, gradually drip on it, It cannot be flown into the conveyor belt in the reverse direction, otherwise the strap will slip.

The last four points are the introduction of the maintenance method of the automatic packaging machine for the children. I hope that everyone can pay attention to the daily maintenance when using the automatic packaging machine process. If you have any questions, please check the relevant content of our website, you can also contact our customer service.

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