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Solution for the failure of the garment automatic packaging machine

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Solution for the failure of the garment automatic packaging machine

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We know that the advantages of the automatic packaging machine are very obvious, but if the equipment is used for a long time, some minor faults will inevitably occur. Leading has advanced production technology in the automatic packaging machine and has a lot of experience in dealing with faults.

1. When the garment automatic packaging machine is produced in the packaging, the packaging components rise slowly or fail to reach the standard packaging temperature. This problem can make the packaging not ideal for packaging purposes. The heating process depends on the heater. The heater's main power cord should be checked first. The circuit of the heater is that the main power line passes through a flux switch and then to the electric heating tube, so it should first detect whether the contact point of the magnetic switch is normal. This will happen if the line does not pass a phase. If the magnetic switch is normal, you can check the meter again to see if the phase is the same as the machine's ohmic value. If it is normal, it should be shorted. If all are connected, but the line or heating tube is still not working properly, replace the heater.

2. How to realize the packaging method of the garment automatic packaging machine. In the multi-target cluster packaging process, the device cannot detect the package, the package is damaged, and the packaging work cannot be performed. This is because the removal of the machine in the cluster will affect the detection of the electric eye. We only need to adjust the angle of the electric eye of the machine to the bevel to avoid the above phenomenon.


3. In the packaging production, the film is easily offset and cannot be fed normally. This can cause the garment automatic packaging machine to not shrink the packaged objects properly. The film position and tension balance bar can then be adjusted. If both are invalid, you can fix it by adjusting the angle of the upper triangle. If the upper material deviates from the zipper, the upper triangle can be adjusted clockwise, the film material deviates from the zipper, and the upper triangle is reversible. This can solve this problem.

The above are the problems encountered in the use of automatic packaging machines. For these questions, you can consult us and we will answer your questions.

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