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Automatic packaging machine manufacturers operate and manage parallel

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Automatic packaging machine manufacturers operate and manage parallel

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Management is essentially a service and a service to the business. Therefore, management is important to the operation, but don't take management too seriously. If you look too heavy, it is a harm to the business.

Management is the choice of the right thing to do, management is to do things right. Therefore, management refers to issues involving markets, customers, industries, environment, and investment, while management refers to issues involving systems, talents, and incentives. Simply put, management is about the survival and profit and loss of automatic packaging machine manufacturers, and management is about efficiency and cost. This is the difference between the two. I insist that management is greater than management, because business determines life and death, because management is the root of the expansion of the business of automatic packaging machine manufacturers, and management is a tool to maintain and repair existing areas, the position is attacked by a good business strategy, and It is not feasible to take internal management defense. If the things you do are wrong in their own right, then no matter how good management is, it doesn't make sense. In fact, many of our automatic packaging machine manufacturers are not doing poorly. The worst thing is that there are not too many changes and innovations in management. Instead, they constantly seek changes in management. This has led to the management level of many of our automatic packaging machine manufacturers far greater than the operating level, and when the management level is higher than the operating level, only the loss of the automatic packaging machine manufacturers will appear, which is what I am afraid to see.

"Operation" is in the extension of "management". Generally, according to the nature of the management work of the automatic packaging machine manufacturer, the marketing/production is called "management", and the management content outside is called "management".

Generally speaking, management and management can be understood as such. The operation of automatic packaging machine manufacturers will include the two main links of operation and management. The operation refers to the behavior of automatic packaging machine manufacturers to carry out market activities, while the management of automatic packaging machine manufacturers straighten out Workflow, behavior of finding problems.

Management and management are mutual. We also often put together management and management. The actual situation is that the scientific decision-making process in management is management. It is a misunderstanding to distinguish management and management strictly, and it is also a retreat.


Management is external, pursuing the acquisition of resources and establishing influence from the outside of automatic packaging machine manufacturers; management is internal, emphasizing the integration of internal resources and establishing order. The pursuit of business is efficiency, to open source, to make money; management is to pursue efficiency, to reduce costs, to control costs. Management is expansionary, it is necessary to be aggressive, seize opportunities, and be bold; management is convergent, be cautious and secure, and assess and control risks.  

Management and management are inseparable. Management and management, like Yang and Yin in automatic packaging machine manufacturers, "he" and "her" coexist in symbiosis, seeking mutual unity in contradictions: there must be shadows in the light, and light in the shadows; Management is also interdependent and inseparable. Ignoring the management of the operation can not last long, can not be sustained, how much money is earned, and how much money is wasted, "the bamboo basket hits the water one empty space", white hard. There is a saying like: "There is a blind man outside, there is a blind man at home", which means that men make money outside, women save at home, and they can live a good life in a small day. The same is true. On the other hand, neglecting the management of management is not possible, it is rigid, management for management, control for control, only automatic packaging machine manufacturers die; automatic packaging machine manufacturers have rules, constraints, But there is also motivation, there is tension, otherwise it is a pool of stagnant water.

Management is the leader, management is the foundation, and management is the business. Fully automatic packaging machine manufacturers must be strong and strong, first focus on management, research market and customers, and provide targeted products and services to target customers; then basic management to keep up. Only when management keeps up, the operation can continue to move forward. After the operation progresses, it will put forward higher requirements for management. Therefore, the rule of development of automatic packaging machine manufacturers is: management-management-management-management alternates forward, just like the left and right feet of a person. If it is not feasible to open management and grasp the operation, management will not move forward. On the contrary, if you open your business and manage it, you will step back and even go backwards.

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