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What are the characteristics and advantages of the automatic packaging machine?

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The characteristics of the garment automatic packaging machine:

1. The automatic packaging machine can set the width and length of the finished product after folding.

2 machine folding mode is divided into: fold mode, pants mode, shirt mode.

3 The machine can automatically detect the length of the clothes. When the size of the clothes is different, the machine can intelligently recognize and automatically fold the corresponding folding length to ensure the uniform length of the folding, so that the clothes of different sizes can be folded without changing the plastic bag. Uniform size bagging.

4 The machine has a supporting hard plate in the middle of the two folds, which can well shape the folded clothes, thus ensuring that the bag is smooth and tidy after entering the bag.

5, sealing and cutting machine can be equipped with semi-automatic and automatic sealing and cutting machine

6, heat insulation treatment, stable operation, enhance the service life, reduce damage to the product packaging.

  7. The packaging method of garment automatic packaging machine is varied and can realize the function of multi-purpose of one machine.

8, can be used stand-alone or can be used in the assembly line, the use of methods without limitations can be changed according to demand.

Advantages of automatic garment packaging machine:

1. The introduction of international advanced technology manufacturing, reasonable structure and simple operation;

2. Electrical components and pneumatic components are all imported international brands, stable;

3. The machine automatically detects the length of the garment and folds it into squares according to the specified size;

4. Full computer automatic control, folding and tidy uniform;

5. Fast operation, saving a lot of manpower and time costs for the company and greatly improving production efficiency.


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