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How to solve the problem of failure when the automatic packaging machine runs

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If there is a problem with the automatic packaging machine during operation, what should be done? The following Xiaobian Xiaobian will answer the solution to the problem when the automatic packaging machine is running:

1. The automatic packaging machine is heated while not heating. This phenomenon occurs when the package bead is not short-circuited with the heating device. We only need to adjust the position of the brazing sheet or the bag of the bag. Just fine.

How to solve the problem of failure when the automatic packaging machine runs

2, clothing automatic packaging machine cover does not work: check whether there is no power, the stroke does not move, just adjust the stroke switch pick. If there is any attachment on the heating cloth, we can use the nail to gently scrape it off; the pressure solenoid valve does not work, the airbag is damaged, and the pressurized air tube is damaged, which will cause the sealing to be uneven and not tight. We only need to clean or replace it. .

3, clothing automatic packaging machine sealing is not flat, not tight or not sealing: there are many reasons for this situation, mainly: steel box deformation, just adjust the box just; heating time jade heating temperature is not adjusted well will also appear Kind of situation, we only need to adjust to the appropriate;

4, clothing automatic packaging machine frequent burning insurance failure: there is a short circuit, view and clear; motor reversal time is too long, any two-phase power line exchange installation; carton viscosity is too high, wash the pump and change the carton.

5, the automatic packaging machine of the garment does not pump vacuum failure: because the studio is not covered, so do not vacuum, we only need to cover the studio tight; motor rotation will also occur without vacuuming, adjustment can be.

The above is the solution to the failure of the automatic packaging machine when running. How to choose a good automatic packaging machine for clothing, choose the automatic packaging machine manufacturer, I believe you will not be disappointed with this product.

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